Commonly Used Police Abbreviations and Police Terminology

Saint Louis County Police
Commonly Used Police Abbreviations and Police Terminology

    ADW -- Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    ADT -- American District Telegraph company. Central station alarm company that serves both residential and business customers with security systems.

    Air-One, Air-Two, Air-Three, Air-Four, Air-Five, Air-Six -- Combined city and county air support units (one fixed wing airplane and four county helicopters plus one Bell OH-58C helicopter from the city), all are housed at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield. It takes from 30 minutes to an hour to get a helicopter in the air. The new partnership would give city police access to a county helicopter rescue team called the Special Operations Aviation Rescue team. It includes firefighters, paramedics, police officers and helicopter pilots. The team can be called to save a person trapped on the roof of a burning building or struggling in swift water. The new combined helicopter unit also will respond in emergencies to surrounding counties in Missouri and Illinois.

    AKA -- Also Known As

    Alarm Sounding (Burglar Alarm) -- An electronic device that automatically detects intrusion (forced entry) or is manually triggered in the event of a robbery or other emergency.

    AMBER -- America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response - A coordinated program for a statewide emergency alert when a child is reported endangered. The "AMBER alert" quickly informs the public of specific information regarding the abduction of a child whose life may be in danger. Instigated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

    Anonymous Report -- A victim of a crime or a witness to a crime does not want to pursue any further action with the Police Department or the criminal justice system, but wants the incident investigated on a "make your own case" basis.

    AVL -- Automated Vehicle Location

    B&E -- Breaking and Entering

    BADD -- Boaters Against Drunk Driving

    Bat Van -- Breath Alcohol Testing Unit

    BAC -- Blood Alcohol Content

    BDU -- Battle Dress Uniform

    BEAR Unit -- Break & Enter, Auto theft, and Robbery (?)

    Beat -- Area an officer is assigned to patrol, and answer calls for service.

    Beginning Mileage/Ending Mileage -- When females are transported, the dispatcher is notified of the vehicle unit number, starting mileage and destination. Upon arrival, the officer will give his ending mileage. This is done as a precaution, just in case the female decided to claim she was taken somewhere else and harassed or sexually assaulted. This way they can go back and say "ok, its X many miles from here to there, and that matches the mileage."

    BEOP -- Basic Emergency Operations Plans

    BOLO -- Be On The Look Out

    Business Check -- Patrol officer checks all the doors and windows of an unoccupied building to make sure they are secure and nobody has attempted to break in. Similar to a Vacation House Check.

    CAD -- Computer Aided Dispatching system (Wireless Laptop System). CAD can be used to send information directly between dispatchers and mobile units without the use of voice communication.

    CALEA -- Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act

    CAP -- Bureau of Crimes Against Persons

    CARE -- Computer Assisted Report Entry Service (Bu­reau of Central Police Records)

    CAT -- Community Action Teams - One of the tasks the St. Louis County police Community Action Team is to cruise parking lots using laptop computers to check licenses for stolen vehicles. If one is found, they wait for the driver.

    CCW -- Carrying Concealed Weapon

    CID -- Criminal Investigation Department

    CIT -- Crisis Intervention Teams - Utilized to help defuse situations that have the potential of escalating into officer-involved shootings. CIT members' training includes instruction in negotiating skills, defensive tactics and ways to identify and handle people with mental illness or suicidal tendencies without using lethal force.

    COGIS -- County Geographical Information System

    Comes Back -- Information is returned from a remote source

    CPRB -- Citizens' Police Review Board

    CPS -- Child Protective Services

    CrimeMATRIX -- Multi-jurisdictional AnalyTical Repository for Information eXploitation - This database established by the St. Louis County Police Department (STLCPD) and REJIS is an attempt to coordinate information sharing across disconnected data sources (Mugshots, Care Reports, Sex Offenders, Gun Permits, Finger Prints, Parole, Pawn Shop, Death Records) and jurisdictional barriers. Serves local, county and federal law enforcement agencies in the St. Louis area. Access to St. Louis regional CrimeMATRIX data warehouse is through two integrated applications, RAMS and LYNX.

    Criss-Cross (Haynes) -- Database to lookup telephone numbers from street addresses or vice-versa.

    CSU -- Crime Scene Unit

    Caution Code (Caution Indicator) -- Subject's numeric rating issued for officer safety. Prior caution codes cover such known history items as; Armed and Dangerous, Mentally Disturbed, Suicidal Tendencies, Assaulting Police Officers, Escape Risk, etc.

      Caution Code One -- Known to be physically violent.

      Caution Code Two -- Known to be armed.

      Caution Code Three -- Known to have assaulted a police officer.

    CVSA -- Computerized Voice Stress Analysis

    DCI -- Department of Criminal Investigation (detectives)

    DCS -- Distribution of a Controlled Substance

    D&L -- D&L Rideout Services (a tow service)

    DARE -- Drug Abuse Resistance Education

    Destination -- Arrest made, where to take prisoner/subject in custody for booking (10-81), either intake (Clayton/Headquarters) or local precinct station.

    Detail -- Generic term for a special assignment, such as a stakeout, pursuit of suspects, perimeter control, special event crowd control, etc.

    DJO -- Deputy Juvenile Officer

    DJS -- Department of Juvenile Services

    DNR -- Department of Natural Resources (Missouri State)

    DOA -- Dead on Arrival

    DOB -- Date Of Birth

    DOJ -- Department of Justice

    Domestic -- A domestic dispute

    DOP -- Destruction of Property

    DOR -- Department of Revenue

    DPW -- Department of Public Works

    DRT -- Disaster Response Team

    DSN -- Department Serial Number

    DUI -- Driving Under the Influence

    DWI -- Driving While Intoxicated (or Impaired)

    EAS -- Emergency Alert System

    Eighty/Eighty-One - Police Sergeant that acts as the precinct supervisor.

    Emergency Alert Tone -- Button on the HT that can be pushed to summon additional help - "Officer in need of aid" - On the dispatch console a unique number is displayed that can be correlated to the officer who was issued that HT. An aid call is a matter of the utmost urgency, and is responded to by any available unit which is nearby.

    EOC -- Emergency Operations Center

    ERT -- Emergency Response Team

    ETA -- Estimated Time of Arrival

    Ex Parte Order -- A court order issued without the person being present

    Expedite -- Emergency Response; Use Lights & Siren

    Extradite -- Transfer a subject in custody to the agency that issued the arrest warrant and bring him back before a judge in that county (if they are in the extradition area). All warrants have the area of extradition listed and is dependant on the crime the individual is wanted for. The area of extradition can be as little as the county of issuance, statewide, nationwide and anywhere in between. Once a subject comes back with a positive "hit" the dispatcher must contact the issuing agency to ascertain if the warrant is still valid and they will extradite. Sometimes "they will not extradite" means they won't come pick up the subject because no officers are available to transport or the jail is overcrowded and they cannot hold a misdemeanor warrant.

    FEMA -- Federal Emergency Management Agency

    FIR -- Field Interview Report

    FLIR -- Forward-Looking Infrared; A device (in the helicopter) that easily displays hot/cold items (people, cars, fires, etc), however IR cannot penetrate foliage.

    Foot Pursuit -- Chasing suspect on foot (running)

    F/R Query -- FR-Query is a user interface for searching the DOR, MULES, NCIC, and REJIS databases via the in-car laptop computer system.

    FTA -- Failure To Appear - when a person has not appeared for a schedule court hearing. This can be for anything from traffic tickets, misdemeanor arrests and up to and including felonies arrest that they have posted bailed out on. An FTA itself is not a warrant, but the person may indeed have a warrant because they did not make a court appearance.

    FYI -- For Your Information

    Gas Drive Off -- Person (vehicle) left the filling station where gas was pumped into their vehicle without paying for it. (gas-n-dash)

    GIANT -- Gang Intelligence And Narcotic Trafficking

    GM -- Identified street gang member.

    GOA -- Gone on Arrival

    History -- Previous criminal records or tickets.

    Hit -- Computer indication that a detained suspect is wanted or a vehicle is reported stolen.

    HMERT -- Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team

    Hold-Up Alarm -- A manually triggered alarm (requires human intervention to activate) in the event of a robbery. Holdup alarms cannot be canceled by the alarm company.

    HT -- Handie-Talkie - Hand held (portable) 2-way radio

    IACP -- Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

    IEMA -- Illinois Emergency Management Agency

    ID (Crime Scene Unit) -- The purpose of the Crime Scene Identification Unit is to help establish what happened (crime scene reconstruction) and to identify the responsible person(s). This is done by carefully documenting the conditions at the crime scene and recognizing all physical evidence.

    ISP -- Illinois State Police

    "J" Codes: (common meaning when not used with a "10" code)

      J0 -- No Cars In service (10-82, J0)

      J1 Muni-## -- Beginning Contract Service Patrol (10-92, J1) with Municipality ## - See Muni-Code Below

      J2 -- Ending Contract Service Patrol (10-92, J2) with Municipality ## - See Muni-Code Below

      J3 -- Road Blocked (10-50, J3)

      J4 -- Meal Break (10-44, J4)

      J5 -- En route to make relief (go home) - usually used when an officer is clearing from a late call.

    JPO -- Juvenile Probation Officer

    Juvenile -- A person under 17 years of age.

    K-9 -- Canine Unit (K9 Unit). The county program now has a total of 12 dogs (some of which are detached to various functions in the department).

    Keyholder -- Someone who has keys to get into the building.

    Land Line -- The public switched telephone network.

    Lane # -- Traffic lanes are numbered in ascending order, from left to right (in a given direction)

    Larceny -- The act of stealing (theft), usually refers to shoplifting.

    LEPC -- Local Emergency Planning Committee

    Long Number -- Social security number (SSN)

    LT -- Lieutenant

    LYNX -- A web-based application that provides detailed summary data about a "person of interest" based upon data originating from multiple and dissimilar information system platforms. Provides flexible search options by person, phone number, vehicle, crime event, or ticket and allows real-time interface to State DOR, NCIC, & MULES. Part of the CrimeMATRIX database that makes use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

    MADD -- Mothers Against Drunk Driving

    Major Call -- Officers who are out-of-service on an assignment or self-initiated activity will return to service immediately upon completion of activity. Examples are; homicide, bank robbery, shooting, assist the officer (aid call), situation involving a sniper, armed barricaded person, hostage, civil disorder, explosion, etc.

    MCS -- Major Case Squad

    Minor -- A person under 21 years of age.

    MIP -- Minor In Possession of Alcoholic Beverage

    MobileNet -- IP Based SMR Network (computers in patrol vehicles)

    MODOT -- Missouri Department of Transportation

    MRT Unit -- Mobile Response Team Unit

    MPO -- Military Protective Order

    MSL -- Missouri State License

    MSU -- Municipal Services Unit - provides communications with other County law enforcement agencies.

    MULES -- Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System

    MVA -- Motor Vehicle Accident

    NCIC -- National Crime Information Center - Nationwide database established under the auspices of the FBI as a service to all criminal justice agencies. The information contained within the NCIC computerized database system assists authorized agencies in criminal justice and related law enforcement objectives, such as apprehending fugitives, locating missing persons, locating and returning stolen property, as well as in the protection of the law enforcement officers encountering the individuals described in the system.

    NCMEC -- National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

    NDPIX -- National Drug Pointer Index - A database managed by the DEA which contains drug investigative targets/subjects. Searches are done and records are accessed through NLETS.

    NHTSA -- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    Night Sun -- Mounted spot light found on the helicopter, a very bright search light (approximately 30 million candlepower) that can be focused to light up an area as big as a football field or as small as a car.

    Ninety -- Police Lieutenant that acts as the precinct commander (Watch Commander).

    NLETS -- National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System - Provides law enforcement and criminal justice agencies access to relevant databases and the ability to transmit and receive point–to–point administrative messages.

    No Card on File -- No contact information was found for a retail business. The cards list a contact name, phone number and/or owner of the business.

    Notification -- Deliver message, usually when an officer needs to contact the owner of a recovered auto. Also used when dispatcher needs to make contact with someone inside a bank or business during a holdup alarm sounding call.

    NPO -- Neighborhood Police Officer

    NRN -- No Report Needed

    OAN -- Owner-Applied Number - The identification of farm machinery, construction equipment or anything of value with a unique number (often your driver's license number) to deter theft and aid recovery.

    OBS -- Organic Brain Syndrome (Dementia/Delirium) - sometimes used with the modifier 'extreme' as in "subject is extremely OBS" or "violent OBS."

    OEM -- Office of Emergency Management

    OIS -- Officer Involved Shooting

    On-View -- Officer came upon the incident - Call did not come though the dispatch center.

    ORI -- Originating Agency Identifier File (9-digit code)

    Out at S# -- At station, usually for fuel.

    Overdue -- X number of minutes has past (the length of time the depends on the type of call) since the call was taken in the 911 center with no cars available in the area to respond to it.

    PBT -- Portable Breathalyzer Test

    PCR -- Police Community Relations (Neighborhood Watch meetings, etc.)

    PCS -- Possession of a Controlled Substance

    PCU -- Property Control Unit - Detectives are responsible for logging, storing and maintain all seized evidence for use during criminal prosecution.

    Peace Disturbance -- Loud Music, Loud Party, Barking Dog, etc.

    Person Down -- Individual, usually on the ground, who is not moving for an unknown reason.

    Pending -- Call taken in the 911 center but not yet dispatched to a car.

    PIT Maneuver -- Pursuit Intervention Technique

    PMP -- ??? (related to 10-55)

    POI -- Person of Interest

    Point to Point -- Nationwide radio channel designated for police dispatch centers to communicate with each other.

    POST -- Police Officer Standards and Training

    Primary -- The officer that is responsible for writing the police report on the incident.

    Prisoner Conveyance Unit -- Conveyance Officers are responsible for transporting suspects from the St. Louis County Police Precincts, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and municipal police departments within St. Louis County to the St. Louis County Justice Center in Clayton.

    Probe -- Probationary police officer (PPO), a sworn member who has been employed as a Police Officer for less than one year, sometimes call a "rookie."

    Proceed with Caution -- Standard Response

    PSD -- Public Safety Dispatcher

    Radio Repair -- Transmitter maintenance, car radio programming, dispatch consoles.

    RAMS -- Report Analysis and Mapping System - A desktop application that allows users to map crime events, apply spatial filters, and create a short-list of potential suspects based on the information given about crime events, locations and activities. Part of the CrimeMATRIX database that makes use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

    REJIS -- Regional Justice Information System

    Rolling Plate -- Used when an officer wants to run a license plate of an occupied moving vehicle to determine if the vehicle is stolen.

    RSMO -- Revised Statute of Missouri

    SADD -- Students Against Drunk Driving

    Sally Port -- A secure entrance into the police station where prisoners are transferred.

    SARAA ('Sarah') -- St. Louis Area Regional Abduction Alert - A cooperative effort between the area's law enforcement, radio, and television stations to safely recover kidnapped children with help from the public at large. The public is alerted to "be-on-the-lookout" for the child, alleged abductor or the alleged abductor's vehicle and to report any information to the issuing law enforcement agency immediately. Local equivalent of the AMBER Alert Notification Plan.

    SAVE -- Structural Assessment Visual Evaluation Coalition

    Secondary -- Off-duty police officer working a 2nd job, usually as a security guard.

    Seeing Eye -- Word of mouth report by 3rd Party Witness

    SEMA -- State Emergency Management Agency

    SERT -- Suburban Emergency Response Team

    Short Number -- Missouri driver's license number

    Signal x00 -- Hold-Up Alarm Sounding ("x" indicates precinct, 100=1st, 200=2nd, etc.)

    SLCPA -- St. Louis County Police Association

    SLMPD -- Saint Louis Missouri Police Department (City of Saint Louis Police Department)

    SO -- Registered Sex Offender

    SORT -- Team Specialized Operations Response Team

    Spirit -- Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield Missouri. Where the County Police Helicopters are hangered and routinely fueled.

    SRO -- School Resource Officer

    SSN -- Social Security Number

    Standby to Keep the Peace -- A police officer is ask to be present at a location (act as a witness) should something occur - heard when the County Sheriff executes an eviction or repossession job, but more often in child custody situations.

    STARS -- State Traffic Accident Reporting System

    Station 10-6 -- Radio channel is closed to normal radio traffic. Emergency traffic only.

    Station Assignment -- Generic term for a special assignment, such as a stakeout, pursuit of suspects, perimeter control, special event crowd control, etc.

    Stealing Over -- Total loss valued at over $500.

    Stealing Under -- Total loss valued at $500 or less.

    Stop Sticks (Spikes) -- Tire deflation device that punctures the tires, causing a leak, but no blowout, and is placed on the road in the path of a specific oncoming vehicle.

    Strong-Arm Robbery -- Where an assailant steals private property without the use of a weapon, usually through verbal (threatening actions) or physical force (overpowering the victim).

    SWAT -- Special Weapons And Tactics

    Traffic -- To stop a vehicle (Traffic Stop) for the purpose of issuing a citation.

    Trash Run -- Officer to stand-by when restaurants open the back door late at night to take the trash out. Usually assigned via MDT.

    TRT -- Tactical Response Team

    UCR -- Uniform Crime Report

    Unfounded -- No basis for a complaint at time of call.

    UUW -- Unlawful Use of a Weapon

    VIN -- 17 Digit Alphanumeric Vehicle Identification Number

    VMCSL -- Violation of Missouri Controlled Substance Laws (Possession of Controlled Substance - Drug offense)

    VOP -- Violation of Probation or Parole

    Washdown -- Use a stream of water (fire department) to remove gasoline or spilled chemicals from the road.

    Watch -- A police work shift. The police workday is divided into three watches. The day watch begins at 7 am; the afternoon watch, at 3 pm; and the night watch, at 11 pm.

    Watch Commander -- A lieutenant who directs all police activities within a precinct district during a specific watch. Some of the watch commander's duties include deploying patrol officers within the precinct and approving arrests.

    Watch Phone -- Cellular phone carried by the watch commander.

    Wrecker -- Generic term for a Tow Truck, sometimes specified as a flatbed rollback, tilt-bed carrier or a heavy-duty tow truck.

    WT -- Walkie Talkie (2-way handheld radio)

    X-Patrol -- Extra patrol: vacation house checks or an area that has seen a recent increase in burglaries/crime.